Friday, January 15, 2010

Shamrock Deli - Audubon

So it's Friday! I figured today would be a fine day for a good lunch. So I went for my normal Italian Hoagie guessed it, the Shamrock Deli on Cuthbert Blvd in Audubon. Now aside from some bizarre spelling inside (homemade was spelled home maid everywhere!) this was a typical deliccatesen. Barrels of pickles and Dietz & Watson meats (again).
I had high hopes for my large Italian Hoagie with hot peppers - it was huge and the $5.75 sticker price was A-OK. I patiently drove back to my office and tore into it. To start, it was wrapped in a very nice roll. Not Amoroso but still nice. The portions were good although there was an abundance of lettuce and little onion which can and did in this example lead to a weaker taste.
As I was eating this, I noticed that something was off. The lettuce/onion thing contributed but something else was wrong. Upon peering into the sandwich I found cooked salami. If you are not familiar, hard & Genoa Salami are the darker red salamis about 3 inches in diameter. Cooked salami is much lighter almost pink and averages 6 inches in diameter. Cooked salami is a staple of American Hoagies and I find it to be horrible!!!!! So I took it off the second half. Instantly, the sandwich improved but wasn't perfect.
Overall it was a decent standard hoagie with a nice price. Not great though!

Shamrock Market & Deli
31 N. Davis Avenue
Audubon, NJ

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